Imam’s Corner

This wing of my website is geared towards assisting the imam, and thus the Muslim community, in every way possible. I hope to have many articles, videos, book excerpts/reviews etcetera, from myself and others that I recommend, that serve to assist the imam and the Muslim communities in relationship to the imam in multiple ways.


As an Islamic studies student in the Islamic University of Medinah, I was privileged to have occasional meetings with those involved in da’wah today. Over and over again, the message was loud and clear: do NOT become an imam and “live at the mercy of the people’s sadaqah” or be “owned” by an immature apathetic board. In my community, like many others, we saw imams come and go. It sometimes seemed that the time without an imam was greater than the time with an imam.


As a student of traditional Islamic studies, this presents me personally with a huge dilemma. Should I really pursue this path? As it is, it is not suitable to be a primary career, due to the lack of job security and inconsistent benefits’ packages offered by employers. But should I throw in the towel like many others before me, and leave it off, scarred and jaded? This I really want to avoid, and instead hope to learn and inform others of good practices and policies regarding masjid imams. I want to find out what it is that makes some imams succeed where others were unable to continue. Essentially, I hope to perfect the art of the minbar.