Private Personalized Arabic Tutoring

If you are in need of a personal private Quranic Arabic instructor and ready to hire one to assist you in taking your understanding of the language to the next level, then consider hiring myself as a temporary tutoring guide in your journey towards understanding the Quran and the words of our scholars.

I’m a native English speaker who first learned the Arabic alphabet and Quranic recital from local teachers, and then learned to understand the language itself, reading, writing and verbal communication, in the Islamic University of Medinah‘s Arabic Institute for non-Arabic Speakers [معهد تعليم اللغة العربية لغير الناطقين بها].

As for private personal instruction, whether done in person or online, my philosophy and teaching methods are thus:

  • I encourage learners to apply their knowledge from the beginning–how much or little they have–on the type of Arabic they would like to ultimately comprehend. For example, opening a book of fiqh, trying to read with me, and seeing what we know and don’t know, and teaching along the way. I explain unfamiliar words and grammar, and then we practice it out loud together. This method has the benefit of actually seeing how vocab is used as you learn it, and practicing those sentences later on. As an experienced Arabic speaker, I can also tell you how common or uncommon some new vocab is and other ways to use it so that it sticks in your memory inshaAllah. Eventually you will be able to read a whole sentence without mistake, and not long after, a whole paragraph, and ultimately an entire page insha’Allah!
  • Books of grammar and vocabulary are simply aids and not the goal itself. Learners get discouraged and burned out by treating these resources as the goal and only material they have to work with. Long curricula with numerous dialogues, endless drills and seldom-used vocabulary bog down learners and distract them from the goal, making them feel they’ve made minuscule progress.
  • If you have no experience or knowledge of grammar and morphology, I would start off with a very basic and quick crash course and summary, giving you the least you need to know about word morphology and basic common vocabulary before putting the knowledge to use. We may start with trying to understand some of the Quran, and take basic particles and the most frequently occurring nouns and verbs. The rest we learn along the way.
  • For those with a little more experience, we will attempt to understand the words of scholars who speak and write most clearly. My personal favorite contemporary scholar for testing our Arabic is Shaykh Salih al-Fawzan, since not only is he a slow and clear speaker, but his non-technical works are down to earth, written for all Arabic speaking Muslims to understand.
  • I may encourage and guide students to create grammar, vocab, and morphology cheat sheets to help them keep track of what they’ve learned.

Do note that as of yet, I’m not offering tajweed classes or colloquial Arabic as is spoken among Arabs. And this is purely for mature individuals only to understand the Quran and any written or spoken samples in classical formal Arabic.**

The tools to understand Arabic, like grammar and vocabulary, should never be confused as the goal, which is understanding Allah's Words, to be better worshippers.

The tools to understand Arabic, like grammar and vocabulary, should never be confused as the goal, which is understanding Allah’s Words, to be better worshippers.

I recommend learners have on hand the following:

  1. A mushaf
  2. Any grammar book. I prefer anything that is a single volume, as I believe nearly all grammar that affects the vast majority of learners can be comfortably summarized in a single volume, or even a few cheat sheets.
  3. A copy of the Hans Wehr dictionary or its link opened.

Message me now, tell me your experience and goals and if I believe I may be able to assist you, then we can schedule a 45 minute consultation and trial–only pay if you want to continue for the full hour. If you are pleased and willing to continue, then I charge no less than $40/hour, through PayPal. I recommend, but do not obligate, 2 to 3 hours throughout each week to keep pace and maintain progress. Stop at any time.

** – The other hourly tutoring service I’m able to provide is ḥifẓ review at $20/hour.