In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful



Forward and Introduction


If someone came to me when I was just entering my teen years, and told me that later in life I would be a Muslim[1] inviting people to accept Islam and focusing all my small and large activities around it in some way, I don’t think I would have been too surprised. Even though I loved Christianity very much, or thought I did, I realize in retrospect that my love was more towards God than what I thought to be His religion.

Then, Islam came to me in the most desperate hour of my life, an answer to my prayers that I did not expect; like a stranger lifting you from the path of an oncoming train, you don’t hesitate but to take their hand to safety. And I always knew that there was something big in my life that I needed and wanted to change. I had been searching for years, trying to learn what it was. If you wish to know more about my background, you can read the long story of my life at the time I accepted Islam and the ensuing struggles. But until then, I request you, my guest for the next few pages, rather—I implore you, to read what I have been blessed to be able to put together and present to you—so that you realize that you too are blessed to be able to read it. Read it from beginning to end, with an open mind, receptive heart, and burning impartial desire for the truth. Read it once to see what all is before you, and read it again to verify that your eyes did not deceive you the first time around. What will follow insha’Allah is a brief tour of the religion of Islam, presented not by any inept distant spectator unsure of what to focus his lens upon, but rather by devoted follower and dedicated student, in your own language so that you may understand. The main topics to follow are…



The Principle Teachings of Islam



More about Allah



More about the Qur’an



More about the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and a brief history of the Muslims



Women in Islam



Islam Answers Back to Distortion



Islam and Christianity



More about the Muslim World; Life as a Muslim and Accepting Islam in America


[1] An active participle, pronounced mUss – limm [not muzlim], meaning one who practices Iss-laam.